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Ningbo monitoring automatic dust removal project


Case Details

This product is the QCCC-011 product produced by our company. The product consists of three parts, including the parameter detection terminal louver box, waterproof LED signboard, and vertical pole bracket.

● PM2.5 and PM10 adopt laser measurement method with high accuracy and automatic calibration function.

● System accessories are made of high waterproof materials and designs, which are suitable for the application environment from south to north.

● Professional meteorological components, all meteorological components are composed of high-precision and high-reliability sensors.

● High integration, the product adopts IC level integration, and all components are produced by the original factory, which is by no means comparable to the integration manufacturers in various places.

Automatic network reporting, providing a highly reliable integrated platform.

It has played a very important role in the analysis of data results for the factory to solve the problem of dust control!

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