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Hangzhou Monitoring Project


Case Details

I. System overview

The dust monitoring system platform is a professional data platform, which can be compatible with various dust monitoring equipment. It can receive the data transmitted from the terminal detection equipment to the server through wireless transmission, so as to realize the remote viewing of the current real-time data. It can query and export historical data through the system platform, and can also set numerical values ​​through the system platform to realize the functions of over-limit warning and over-standard recording.


II. System introduction

The dust monitoring system platform consists of real-time data, historical data, numerical setting, average value, system setting, dust monitoring APP, password modification, audio and video recording, logout and other sections. After logging in to the system platform, users can intuitively know the dust pollution level of each monitoring location, know the changes of each monitoring location within a day, view the real-time conditions detected by multiple monitoring locations and recorded audio and video files, and query and export history. Data, set over-limit alarm, over-standard recording and other related parameters, so that the terminal equipment can automatically alarm and record automatically.


Three, system features

◇One dust monitoring system platform can simultaneously correspond to the equipment of multiple dust monitoring locations;

◇"Excellent, medium and poor" grade classification legend, which can help users quickly understand the degree of dust pollution in each location;

◇The powerful data processing function can not only quickly query the data list and change diagram within a period of time, but also export it in the form of EXCLE table file and save it in the form of line chart, bar chart and other charts;


◇Remotely control the terminal monitoring equipment, the data collection interval can be set through the system platform, and the "value setting" can also be performed for over-limit alarm, over-standard recording, etc.;

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