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Heze sheep farm vehicle disinfection channel equipment


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Changzhou Quchen Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Changzhou. It is a business company specializing in the research and sales of equipment such as aquaculture disinfection, spray dust removal, and artificial fog generation. The company has a registered capital of 1 million and sells more than 10,000 products every year. The company's business philosophy is "scientific development, people-oriented". Hope people from all walks of life come to visit and study.

The working principle of the vehicle channel disinfection equipment in the donkey farm: The vehicle disinfection channel equipment mainly adopts the principle of high-pressure spray disinfection, and is equipped with automatic induction equipment. The labor cost is reduced while completing the disinfection task. Function introduction: geomagnetic induction, automatic water supply, automatic dosing, water shortage and power failure, multiple control methods, simple operation and simple installation. Quality assurance: The warranty period of vehicle disinfection channel equipment is one year, and maintenance services are provided free of charge within one year. Product use: Vehicle disinfection channel equipment is mainly used for spray disinfection of various vehicles entering and leaving the field. It is easy to use, low price and easy to maintain.

Detailed parameters: Product model: MF-CL Applied voltage: 380V Applicable area: 30-60㎡ Fog volume: 20-40L per minute Fog particle size: 10μm to 50μm Working power: 4kw-4.5kw Net weight: 80kg (for reference only For details, please refer to the equipment performance report provided by the staff.) Sales hotline: Other products: The company's other equipment includes artificial fog equipment, landscape fog effect equipment, edible mushroom humidification equipment, and humidity control equipment.

Description of equipment advantages:

1. Diversified control methods: The equipment is controlled in a variety of ways, which can meet customer needs from all aspects, manual, automatic, remote control what you need, we can customize it for you.

2. First-class after-sales service: the company provides a one-year warranty service for the equipment, and any non-artificial quality problems in the equipment within one year will be repaired by the manufacturer free of charge.

3. Multiple water source filtration: The equipment adopts 2-level water quality filtration to reduce the influence of excess water quality spray, increase the service life of the nozzle, and make the equipment run longer and smoother.

4. Simple installation and convenient management: The equipment adopts a minimalist installation method, and realizes complex disinfection work through simple installation and fixing, which makes your post-maintenance work more convenient and management more convenient.

5. Special nozzle design: The product adopts professional vehicle disinfection nozzles, which can generate a large amount of disinfection mist in a unit time, so as to complete the 360-degree disinfection of the body.

6. Automatic proportioning and dosing: The vehicle disinfection equipment adopts an automatic proportional pump, which can adjust the proportion of dosing according to customer needs, saving time and effort and saving costs. Equipment use: It can be used for disinfection of vehicle passages such as farms, food factories, beverage factories, pharmaceutical factories, and epidemic prevention stations.

Equipment parameters: Product model MF-CL Applied voltage: 380V Applicable area: 30-60㎡ Fog volume: 10L per minute Fog particle size: 10μm to 50μm Working power: 4kw-4.5kw Net weight: 80kg (for reference only, for details See the equipment performance report provided by the staff) Working principle: Vehicle disinfection mainly adopts advanced physical atomization technology, which can form a high-density disinfection mist within a specific range, and conduct comprehensive disinfection and epidemic prevention for passing vehicles.

Equipment advantages: simple installation and high quality: the equipment uses stainless steel as the main material, which is not only beautiful, but also has a long practical cycle, and is more cost-effective, allowing you to use more affordable products! First-class service, customer first: The company adopts a one-to-one service concept, so that every customer can feel the first-class service, and tailor-made your disinfection equipment for you.

High-quality products and strong power: all parts of the disinfection equipment are made of reliable quality components, which not only increases the life of the equipment, but also makes the power of the equipment stronger and safer to use!

Disinfection, no dead ends: The vehicle disinfection equipment can not only disinfect the whole body of the car, but also design the chassis disinfection so that the vehicle has no dead ends in epidemic prevention, and gets a comprehensive spray disinfection when entering the venue. Various control modes

Customized service: The vehicle disinfection equipment adopts a variety of control modes for customers to choose from, manual, automatic, remote control, making your vehicle epidemic prevention and disinfection more handy!

Proportional dispensing, automatic water supply: The disinfection equipment is equipped with an automatic proportional dosing device and automatic water supply function, which saves you a lot of personnel costs, and at the same time makes disinfection avoid human relations, making it safer and more reliable!

Product advantages of donkey farm vehicle disinfection channel equipment:

1. The wires used in the equipment all adopt international standards, so there is no need to worry about safety problems caused by strong voltage and current.

2. The disinfection spray column is made of stainless steel, which is beautiful and elegant, has a long service life and is easy to install.

3. The product adopts advanced integration design, which not only ensures the long-term use of the equipment, but also greatly increases the work efficiency and disinfection performance of the equipment.

4. The spray-type disinfection used is safe and reliable, and can carry out all-round safety quarantine of vehicles entering and leaving to avoid disinfection leaks.

5. The modern and reasonable design greatly reduces the cost of breeding and solves the time problem caused by disinfection, which is simple and fast.

6. The intelligent disinfection experience makes the vehicles entering and leaving without potential safety hazards, and the epidemic prevention work is done well

7. The excellent service of the enterprise ensures that every customer can enjoy star service, so that you have no worries.

8. The mist particles are small, which can diffuse in all directions, complete the disinfection operation well, and reduce the risk of epidemic prevention.

9. The amount of fog is large, which can form a disinfection zone in a short time, and can sterilize the chassis of the vehicle, making the vehicle more sterilized.

10. Automatic dosing and scientific proportions make disinfection not only save time and cost, but also reduce material costs. Vehicle disinfection channel equipment

The above is the knowledge related to the vehicle disinfection channel equipment in the donkey farm that Changzhou Quchen Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. introduced to you. The information is for reference only.

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