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Linfen pig farm vehicle disinfection channel


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I. Brief introduction of vehicle disinfection products:

Vehicle disinfection channel is a system equipment that uses the embedded magnetic induction system on the ground to sense and identify the vehicles passing through the channel, and intelligently activate the power system to disinfect the vehicles entering the channel. The equipment can work intelligently and realize unattended work. The whole system can automatically add medicine in proportion, and automatically control water and add water; when the vehicle enters, it automatically recognizes and automatically starts the equipment, and automatically shuts down after the disinfection is completed. When the vehicle goes out, it can intelligently recognize and prohibit the equipment from working to achieve one-way disinfection; When the temperature is safe, the heating and anti-freezing system is automatically activated, and the spray system is heated and temperature-controlled for constant temperature protection. Equipment disinfection mode: After the equipment is started, the power main engine works and a three-dimensional fog wall is formed in the passage room through the high-pressure spray system. The vehicle can achieve dynamic and thorough disinfection of the whole vehicle during the operation of the vehicle in the fog wall.

Second, technical parameters:

Mist particles: 60-100 microns

Material of nozzle: 304 stainless steel

Flow: 10-15L/min

Installation height: 4.5m

Installation width: 4-5m

Installation spacing: 2-3m

Material: 304 stainless steel

Control: Geomagnetic induction coil (spray when the vehicle enters the field, and does not spray when it leaves the field), which is better than infrared induction.

Advantages: sensitive sensing, only sensing cars, longer service life, maintenance-free.

Number of poles: two poles, four poles, six poles (customers can choose)

Main pump: high pressure 80 liter plunger pure copper pump head (Korean technology), pure copper wire motor.

Case and water tank: Made of 304 stainless steel.

Includes water filter kit.

It comes with an automatic proportional dosing device.

Third, Purpose:

Anti-epidemic disinfection to prevent the spread of foot-and-mouth disease, cholera, avian influenza and other diseases; vehicle disinfection at the import and export of livestock farms, farms, feed mills, slaughterhouses, industrial parks: on highways, toll booths, provincial Unmanned and fully automatic vehicle epidemic prevention and disinfection channels that can be quickly installed such as border crossings: automatic high-pressure cleaning applications.

Four. Functions and Features:

1. Quick disassembly and assembly; in the event of an emergency, it can be quickly installed on any pavement at the entrance and exit of the epidemic area within 1 hour.

2. Rapid disinfection; spray the liquid medicine within 2 seconds after starting, which can quickly and evenly disinfect the vehicle in all directions.

3. Intelligent disinfection; install a new control system, when the vehicle passes, the disinfection equipment will start automatically; after the disinfection is completed, it will automatically shut down.

4. It can intelligently distinguish the driving direction and set it to enter disinfection and exit without disinfection, saving disinfectant.

5. Hide in a special filter system to ensure that the nozzle is not easy to be blocked.

6. The intelligent design of the automatic water dosing and dosing system eliminates the trouble of frequent water dosing and dosing, and the dosage can be set by yourself.

7. Drug shortage alarm system, if there is a shortage of disinfectant, an alarm sound can be issued to remind you to add disinfectant.

8. The special design of the nozzle for the pole increases the effective working area, saves the use of disinfectant, and greatly enhances the disinfection effect.

9. Upward spray nozzles are installed on the ground, so that the disinfection can be achieved in all directions of the three-dimensional intersection, leaving no dead ends.

10. All stainless steel machine and spray components, plus professionally designed waterproof and anti-corrosion function, prolong the service life of the machine.

11. The antifreeze function can be selected according to the user's region, so that it can work normally in winter.

12. If you need infrastructure facilities such as the steel structure of the passage house, you must specify it when ordering

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