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Disinfection channel for agricultural and animal husbandry personnel in Lu'an Huayuan, Anhui


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The working principle of the personnel spray disinfection channel: under the action of a high-power motor, the disinfectant is pressurized by a high-pressure plunger pump and sent to a special atomizing nozzle for spraying, and atomized in the air, so as to achieve the purpose of automatic spray disinfection.

The role of personnel spray disinfection channel: in order to prevent avian influenza, foot-and-mouth disease, cholera, influenza A and other sudden diseases and the needs of daily protection and disinfection, it is necessary for road checkpoints, toll stations, national highways and highway entrances, animal husbandry farms, pastures, Entrance of feed mills, slaughterhouses, urban-rural junctions, entry-exit quarantine, etc. drug sprays, animal, animal products, feed transportation sprays, tourist travel sprays, petroleum and mineral transportation sprays and other related sprays for import and export. Thorough disinfection without dead ends prevents the spread of pathogens brought by the spray from the outside, and achieves the effect of prevention and control.

Features of personnel spray disinfection channel:

1. Intelligent disinfection: install a new control system, when the spray passes through, the disinfection equipment automatically starts; when the disinfection spray leaves, the disinfection equipment automatically shuts down.

2. Rapid disinfection: The liquid medicine is atomized and sprayed within 2 seconds after startup, which can quickly and evenly disinfect the spray in all directions.

3. Saving disinfection: It can be set to enter disinfection, exit no disinfection, intelligently distinguish the direction of the vehicle, and save disinfectant.

4. The special filter system can ensure that the nozzle will not be blocked after many years of use.

5. Intelligent system: The intelligent design of the automatic water dosing and dosing system eliminates the trouble of frequent water dosing and dosing, and the dose can be set by itself.

6. The upward spray nozzle is set on the ground, so that the disinfection can be achieved in all directions, without leaving a dead angle.

7. The equipment is equipped with antifreeze function as standard to ensure normal operation in winter.

Scope of application: breeding farms, feed factories, food factories, customs and other key places for epidemic prevention

Company introduction: Changzhou Quchen Environmental Protection Technology designed this personnel spray disinfection channel equipment, which effectively saves manpower, liquid medicine, water resources and power supply, and has no troubles in use. Automatic filtration system, automatic proportional dosing device, imported large-flow porcelain-sprayed ultra-high pressure water pump, national standard motor, remote control, ground spray, speed bump, stainless steel square steel pole, stainless steel high-pressure pipeline, quick-plug pipeline connection and installation, Installation saves time and labor. Welcome to inquire and negotiate!


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